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An Epic Andorra experience is feeling nature so close that it seems that you are part of it. Epic Andorra has designed unique and exclusive experiences that have made me know “the other Andorra”, the natural, wild, authentic Andorra, but all with a level of comfort and luxury that I would never have imagined could be offered in environments of this type , at more than 2000 meters of altitude, in the midst of the deepest nature, in almost inaccessible and wonderful places. An Epic Andorra experience allows you to feel unique and privileged and see and experience sensations that you would never have dreamed of.


Epic Andorra is ideal for those nature lovers who want to explore in a unique and exclusive way the most spectacular landscapes of Andorra, the country of the Pyrenees. Special and unique accommodations located in some of the most impressive natural spaces in the country, from traditional rural buildings in Andorra known as huts, in luxury shops, in a wooden mountain hut or in a futuristic dome in the middle of the ski slopes. Discover “the other Andorra” through all kinds of experiences in nature in a personalized, exclusive and private way.


The accommodations that Epic Andorra proposes are surprising, different, and special. Bordas, traditional constructions of up to 3 centuries old, totally renovated and updated with the comfort of the 21st century, in which stone, slate and wood are the protagonists, typical materials of Pyrenean constructions for centuries that give them character and authenticity without comparison.

Luxury tents, with the comforts of a hotel, but in a simple fabric structure in the middle of nature. There is no other way to experience nature so closely than to sleep almost under the stars.

The Mountain huts, in the style of the old shepherds ‘or hunters’ shelters that had to be sheltered from the elements in simple constructions raised in the middle of the forest. Is there something more authentic?

The Air stream or the Dome, two original ways to enjoy nature with all the comfort and protection of feeling protected from the outside. In the case of Air stream going back to the happy 50s of North America in a beautiful aluminium caravan and with the Dome, a futuristic dome where you can count the millions of stars above our heads.

The most difficult thing will be choosing the experience.


The most authentic and select gastronomy is one of the great pleasures of life, but if we can enjoy it in the middle of nature, outdoors or on a rail while we watch snow outside in the heat of the fireplace, or in a Mountain hut surrounded of forests, high peaks and lakes, the experience is then transformed and multiplied. We can enjoy fresh and local products, combined and prepared in tasty and original dishes, a mix of traditional mountain cuisine updated with the tastes and style of the 21st century.


Borda del Buno, Vall Sorteny

Cozy and warm stone embankment located in the Sorteny Valley, a natural park of exceptional beauty and biodiversity, where you can admire more than 700 species, 50 of them specific to the Pyrenees, a great variety of birds, as well as chamois. The ideal base to live the Epic Andorra experiences.

Borda Xicos, Vall d’Incles

Fully renovated 17th century edge, located in the Vall d’Incles in the Canillo parish. La Vall d’Incles is a protected area with restricted access to private vehicles for your peace of mind. The isolated pastures and huts surprise the visitor until they reach the bottom of the valley, surrounded by abundant flora and fauna and dozens of natural lakes.

Cabana Piolet, Grau Roig, Grandvalira

Can you imagine yourself in a wooden cabin in the middle of a forest at the foot of the slopes of one of the best ski resorts in Europe? The cabin offers privileged views of the natural environment that surrounds it. Sleep in this cabin at an altitude of more than 2,200 meters near the glacier cirque of the Pessons lakes and at the foot of the Montmalús peak. Privacy and exclusivity for a memorable experience.

El Domo, Grau Roig

Can you imagine a futuristic dome in the middle of some ski slopes at more than 2300 meters of altitude? What if they told you that you can stay in it with your partner or family with all the comfort you can dream of and dine under the stars? You can make it happen at the Domo Top class private Experience by Grandvalira. The experience is completed by accessing the Dome by skiing or by means of a retrac.


The crossing of Andorra is undoubtedly the “star product” of Epic Andorra. An intense way to discover Andorra, enjoying the most authentic nature.
A tailor-made experience that will allow you to discover the country by staying in exclusive spaces.
The complete tour of the country on foot, by bicycle or on skis … in more or less days … as you wish, at your own pace, our goal is for your client to have a unique experience.

Activities without snow:

  • Half day Hiking + stay aboard
  • ebtt + dinar borda
  • ebtt + stay aboard
  • helitrekking and dinar
  • helitrekking + stay aboard
  • helitrekking + mountain picnic (round trip)
  • mindfulness + stay aboard
  • mindfulness in nature + dinar borda
  • half day trekking + stay aboard
  • trekking + stay borda jaume
  • observation forest rooster stay hut
  • wildlife observation + stay aboard
  • 4×4 + stay on board
  • Excursion on horseback + stay or lunch on board
  • Btt + dinar borda
  • Btt + stay aboard
  • High mountain fishing + stay aboard

Activities with snow

  • The magic of Christmas with Santa Claus
  • Sleep in an air stream
  • Santa Claus + stay aboard
  • Skimo ½ day + stay or lunch board
  • Heliski + stay / lunch board
  • Snowshoes + lunch or stay aboard
  • Mindfulness + stay or board lunch


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