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An Epic Andorra experience is to feel so close to nature that it’s as if you are part of it. Epic Andorra has designed unique and exclusive experiences that have allowed me to get to know ‘the other side of Andorra’, the natural, wild, authentic Andorra, yet all with a degree of comfort and luxury that I would never have imagined could be possible in such settings, at an altitude of over 2,000 metres, deep in the heart of nature, in hard-to-reach, wonderful places. An Epic Andorra experience allows you to feel unique and privileged and to experience sensations that you wouldn’t have imagined even in your wildest dreams.


Epic Andorra is perfect for nature lovers who wish to explore the most spectacular landscapes in Andorra, a country nestled amid the Pyrenees, in a unique and exclusive way. Special, distinctive accommodation situated in some of the country’s most impressive natural spaces, from traditional Andorran rural lodges known as bordas, to luxury tents, a wooden mountain hut, and a futuristic dome perched right on the ski slopes. Discover ‘the other side of Andorra’ in a bespoke, exclusive and private way through a wide range of experiences in nature.


The accommodation offered by Epic Andorra is distinctive and magnificent. The bordas, traditional buildings that date from up to three centuries ago, are fully renovated and brought up-to-date with all the comfort of the 21st century. Built primarily from stone, slate and wood, materials typically used in Pyrenean buildings for centuries, they have an unparalleled sense of authenticity and character.

The luxury tents consist of a simple fabric structure in the middle of nature with all the comfort of a hotel. And what better way to get in touch with nature than to sleep pretty much under the stars.

The mountain huts are in the style of the old huts of shepherds and hunters, who had to seek shelter from the weather in simple constructions built in the middle of the forest. Could there be anything more authentic?

The Airstream and the Dome are two original ways to enjoy nature with all the comfort and protection of a refuge from the outside world. The Airstream allows you to travel back to the happy world of 1950s Americana in a beautiful aluminium caravan, while the Dome is a futuristic dome lodge where you can lie in bed and count the millions of stars right above your head.

The hardest part will be deciding which experience to choose.


The finest and most authentic gastronomy is one of life’s great pleasures, but the experience is all the more incredible when in the middle of nature, outdoors, in a borda while watching the snow fall outside from your warm spot by the fireplace, or in a mountain hut surrounded by forest, tall peaks and lakes. You’ll be able to enjoy fresh, local produce, prepared in delicious and original dishes – a mixture of traditional mountain cuisine brought up-to-date with all the taste and style of the 21st century.


Borda del Buno, Sorteny

A warm and cosy stone lodge situated in the Sorteny valley, a stunning natural park with exceptional biodiversity, where you can admire over 700 species – 50 of them endemic to the Pyrenees – an array of different birds and even chamois. A perfect base from which to enjoy Epic Andorra experiences.

Borda Jaume, Llorts

Sleep in a mountain hut at an altitude of 1,800 metres in the Ordino valley, one of the best conserved and most bucolic valleys in Andorra. The borda is complemented by four tents, each sleeping two people. Inside the borda you’ll be able to enjoy the Andorran gastronomy on offer, before laying your head down for the night in one of the tents. And what about combining it with some guided trekking? Authentic glamping.

Borda Xicos, Incles valley

A fully renovated 17th-century borda situated in the Incles valley, in the parish of Canillo. To add to the serenity, Incles valley is a protected area where private vehicle access is restricted. Secluded bordas and meadows leave visitors filled with awe, while the valley floor brims with a myriad of flora and fauna and dozens of natural lakes.

Piolet Cabin, Grau Roig, Grandvalira

How about a log cabin nestled in the heart of a forest at the foot of the ski slopes of one of Europe’s leading ski resorts? The cabin offers magnificent views of the surrounding natural area, at an altitude of over 2,200 metres, situated close to the cirque glacier of the Pessons lakes, at the foot of Montmalús mountain. Enjoy complete privacy and exclusivity for an unforgettable experience.

Airstream, Arcalis

Who would have thought that Andorra was home to 1950s Americana at an altitude of 2,200 metres? Enjoy a unique experience in a genuine American Airstream caravan with the utmost comfort and the finest gastronomy. And when everyone has headed home, you’ll have the privilege of observing a sublime star-filled sky, and in the morning, waking up to the first rays of sun as they appear over the Creussans peaks. Descriptions fall short, so you’ll just have to see it for yourself.

Dome Lodge, Grau Roig

Picture a futuristic dome perched right on the ski slopes at an altitude of over 2,300 metres. Now what if we told you that you could stay there with your partner or your family with the utmost comfort, dining right under the stars? All this is possible with the Dome Top Class Private Experience by Grandvalira. And what’s more, to top things off, you can reach the Dome by skiing or by means of a snow groomer.


The Crossing

This Andorran crossing is undoubtedly the flagship programme of Epic Andorra: an extraordinary way to discover Andorra, while enjoying the most authentic nature on offer.

A tailor-made experience that will allow you to discover the country while staying in exclusive accommodation.

Embark on a complete tour of the country on foot, by bicycle or on skis, in as many days as you like, at your own pace. Our aim is for your client to enjoy a unique experience.

Snow-free activities:

Half day of trekking + stay in a borda

e-MTB + lunch in a borda

e-MTB + stay in a borda

Helitrekking + lunch

Helitrekking + stay in a borda

Helitrekking + mountain picnic (return/one-way)

Mindfulness + stay in a borda

Mindfulness in nature + lunch in a borda

Half day of trekking + stay in a borda

Trekking + stay in Borda Jaume

Capercaillie watching + stay in a borda

Wildlife watching + stay in a borda

4×4 + stay in a borda

Horseback trail ride + stay or lunch in a borda

MTB + lunch in a borda

MTB + stay in a borda

High mountain fishing + stay in a borda

Snow activities:

Christmas magic with Father Christmas

Sleep in an Airstream caravan

Father Christmas + stay in a borda

Skimo half day + stay or lunch in a borda

Heliski + stay/lunch in a borda

Snowshoes + stay or lunch in a borda

Mindfulness + stay or lunch in a borda

The Crossing:

Summer and winter




Principado de Andorra, Andorra

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